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Sales Event Order ETA — Now shipping #...

PackagesI know how excited everyone is to receive their crystals. I have created this page so that you know exactly where I am in my packaging process, so you know if your order will be packaged and shipped soon. Please remember that I am only 1 person packaging each and every order. I personally hand pick the crystals just for you based on your energy. Then I cleanse every crystal with a tuning fork and Reiki energy before carefully packaging up your crystals for shipment.

All non-sales event orders are shipped within 2-4 business days of when the order was placed. Please know that sometimes it might take up to a week, but I do my best to keep to this schedule.

All sales event orders are shipped within 2 weeks of when the payment was received. Please be aware that with sales events I have an extra high volume of orders. Typically within those 2 weeks, I personally package and ship over 100 orders. I greatly appreciate your patience as I give each and every order my personal love and attention. 

I will try to update this page daily with the time/date that I update it so you can get an idea of where I am on sales event orders. I work in order of first paid, first shipped for sales event orders. Non-sales event orders will still be processed within 2-4 business days.

Due-To-Ship-By Dates for Sales Event Orders:
The following sales event order numbers are due to ship no later than the following dates.
#4077-4079 — June 30th — DONE
#4080-4093 — July 1st — DONE
#4097 — July 2nd — DONE
#4103-4116 — July 3rd — DONE
#4119 — July 4th — DONE
#4121-4125 — July 5th — DONE
#4126-4127 — July 6th — DONE
#4129 — July 7th — DONE

**If your order was a regular order that was not a part of or connected to the sales event, then this schedule does not apply to you.


All paid sales event orders and all non-sales event orders have been shipped!

Last updated on 6/27/19 at 6:30 p.m. Central.



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