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Crystal Prescription Reference Cards for Healing Sets Click photo to enlarge.

Crystal Prescription Reference Cards for Healing Sets


  • $ 150

Have you ever wanted a crystal tip card to help you know which crystals can help with specific ailments? Would you like to organize some of your crystals into crystal healing sets? These crystal prescription cards were created just for that purpose!

These are standard business card size (3.5" x 2") and thickness. They are blank on the back so that you can add your own notes. The front is a matte finish so that you can easily fill in the box of the crystals that are in your own crystal healing set.

At the moment I have 25 cards available. You can purchase the full set of 25 (one of each) or you can choose to select only the cards that you need.

► Set of 25: You will receive one of each of the 25 cards. You cannot pick and choose your cards with this option. You will receive all of the cards listed below.

► Choose your own: You choose your preferred 5 cards. You can mix and match any way that you want. All 5 can be different, you can have multiple of cards, or you can have all 5 the same. You choose any 5 cards from the list below. When you checkout make sure to add in the instructions section the cards that you wish to purchase. Failure to include this information when you checkout can delay your order.

All of these will be sent with the set of 25. The photo is just a random example of how the cards will look.

#1 - Addictions (including smoking)
#2 - ADHD and Bi-Polar (also these crystals work for Autism)
#3 - Anger and Frustration
#4 - Anxiety
#5 - Calming and Peace
#6 - Confidence
#7 - Creativity and Writing
#8 - Depression
#9 - Emotional Healing
#10 - Fatigue and Physical Energy
#11 - Fertility, PCOS, and Libido (sexual energy)
#12 - Fibromyalgia
#13 - Grief and Sadness
#14 - Happiness and Joy
#15 - Immune System and General Health
#16 - Love (self-love and attract love)
#17 - Mental Focus and Concentration (also works for mental clarity and memory)
#18 - Mercury in Retrograde
#19 - Physical Pain
#20 - Procrastination and Motivation
#21 - Prosperity and Good Luck (also includes abundance, wealth, and job / career)
#22 - Protection (general and psychic, including protection against energy vampires)
#23 - Psychic Abilities and Intuition
#24 - Sleep and Insomnia
#25 - Weight Loss


SHIPPING: These cards will be send First Class with tracking for the safety of the cards and to ensure their arrival. Since the postal service has a habit of losing the cards when they are sent as letters I no longer offer that as an option. I want to make sure your order arrives to you safe and in a timely manner.

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