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Fluorite Pink and Clear tumbled stone Click photo to enlarge.

Fluorite Pink and Clear tumbled stone

  • $ 750

This listing is for a QUANTITY of 1 (ONE) Pink Fluorite crystal. You will receive a crystal similar to the ones shown in the photos. These are a very pale pink color. 

Size: Medium — approximately 20-25mm (inches: 3/4" - 1")

ALSO AVAILABLE: Clear Fluorite #2
Size: Medium — You will receive the exact crystal that is shown in the photo.

The crystals are hand picked just for you at the time of purchase. They are energetically cleansed and blessed with Reiki from a certified crystal healer and Reiki master.

★ Metaphysical Properties: All of the properties of Fluorite, plus: Pink is perhaps the rarest color of Fluorite. It has only been found in a few localities worldwide. Pink Fluorite moves you beyond emotional love into Divine love – an all encompassing, non-judgmental, non-emotional love. It helps you to understand your role in the grand, Divine plan: that everything is equally important in your life, so caring for your pot plants, your home, your loved ones, spreads universal love through you – the Divine conduit! Care for everything in your life with love and respect and you are in-line with the Divine.

Fluorite comes in a rainbow of colors and is often banded and blended, with phantoms, rainbows, foils and a wide variety of crystal formations! Fluorite is wonderful to use for mental clarity, to increase life force to your brain, and balancing the hemispheres of your brain. It increases your ability to concentrate, balancing the positive and negative relationships of your mind. It helps you to see both reality and the truth behind illusion. Fluorite is great for protection against disease and healing disease. Physically it’s great for stomach disorders and easing the discomfort of IBS and colitis. It also restructures you DNA, restoring your cellular functions to their ideal state.

Fluorite is a part of the following crystal tips from
Colds, Concentration, Memory, Mental Focus/Clarity, Psychic Abilities, PTSD, Sinus — Yellow Fluorite: Cholesterol — ADHD, Back Pain, Bruises, Cancer, Nausea, Psychic Abilities, PTSD

Additional Information:

Sizing of the crystal is based on the longest side of the crystal.

To keep crystal costs low and to save the environment, I do not individually package or label crystals. If you desire to have your crystals individually packaged and labeled, then please make sure to purchase this service. There is a $5.00 packaging fee for this service which covers the extra time and materials. You only need to purchase this service if your order consists of 6 or more crystals that you want to have individually packaged and labeled. — CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Each crystal is unique and one of a kind. There are naturally occurring variations in size, shape, coloring, and patterning to each crystal. Some crystals may be "semi-rough" (not 100% smooth). I try to do my best to represent the crystals, however there may be a slight variation from batch to batch.

Disclaimer: Crystals are meant to be used as a compliment to your current medical treatments. In no way should crystals or energy healing take the place of any ongoing medications or therapies that you are undergoing right now. Reiki and crystal therapy can be used in conjunction with all modes of healing and therapies. The metaphysical properties listed above are not guaranteed and results may vary from person to person.

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