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Pocket Chakra Pillows — Set of 7 Pillows with Cases and Chakra Info Cards for Energy Healing Click photo to enlarge.

Pocket Chakra Pillows — Set of 7 Pillows with Cases and Chakra Info Cards for Energy Healing


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This is a set of pillows for the 7 major Chakras. These are perfect for crystal healing sessions for you or your clients. You will receive 7 pillows, 7 pillow cases, 7 chakra information cards, 1 "Care Instruction" card, and 1 "How to Use" card. This is one pillow, one pillow case, and 1 info card per chakra. You have your choice of pillow of filling. I offer Fennel/Flax Seed or Plastic Pellets. Scroll down below to see the differences between the 2 filling options to find the perfect one for you.

Due to the weight (approximately 3 pounds) this listing is for USA SHIPPING ONLY. International customers, if you wish to purchase please contact me and I will be happy to figure out shipping cost for you.

These chakra pillows lie comfortably across the body while holding the crystals in place during energy healing work. These work with all body types.

The pocket in the center of the chakra pillows is designed to hold the crystal in place on the chakra and prevent it from rolling off the body. The pockets are large enough to fit more than one crystal, if desired, and they have a Velcro closing pocket. The advantage of the open top is that you can effortlessly add or change crystals as needed. Once the healing session is complete, you can easily remove the crystals and cleanse them in your favorite cleansing method.

Included in this set is also seven matching Chakra pillowcases. These pillowcases are really handy and easy to wash. They are excellent for Reiki Practioners because, instead of (hand) washing each pillow, you can just remove the pillowcase and wash that.

The colors coordinate with the chakras to offer chromotherapy (color therapy) benefits to the healing session as well.

Each pillow measures approximately 3x10 inches and is filled with either fennel seeds, or plastic pellets. The pocket is approximately 2 3/4" in length. (Sizes may vary slightly since they are all handmade)

7 Chakra cards plus a Care Instructions card and a How to Use card. Each Chakra card contains basic chakra message, chakra's location on the body, corresponding colors, recommended crystals, essential oils, and herbs, associated parts of the body, emotional ailments, and life issues.

These pillows can be heated in the microwave for about 60-90 seconds to warm up the fennel seed. Because the pillows contain fennel seeds they can not be washed. If needed they can be lightly cleansed on the outside with a damp cloth.

These pillows can not be heated because they contain a plastic that could melt. Because the pillows contain plastic pellets they can be washed. I would recommend hand washing with mild soap and then lay flat to dry.

*Crystals and teenager not included.*


Small 1.5" x 2" crystal pillows. Each pillow includes crystal chips that correspond with that particular chakra. These little pillows match perfectly with the chakra pillow set. Check them out at: 

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