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Calcite Cobalto Pink Click photo to enlarge.

Calcite Cobalto Pink


  • $ 3800

This listing is for a QUANTITY of 1 (ONE) Pink Cobalto Calcite (also known as Cobaltian Calcite or Cobaltoan Calcite) from Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo. You will receive the exact crystal that is shown in the photos. The green that is visible in some spots is Malachite.

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Size: 75mm x 40mm x 44mm

All crystals are energetically cleansed and blessed with Reiki from a certified crystal healer and Reiki master.

★ Metaphysical Properties: Cobalto Calcite is a druzy, crystalline form of Pink Calcite. It will allow the integration of positive energy within all levels of your Chakra system – the positive energy being love, compassion, and the understanding of unity within diversity. This brings tolerance, forgiveness and ultimately the complete expression of Universal love and self-love. It relieves all stress, tension and anxiety, especially about your physical body. Cobalto Calcite’s energy can just melt and dissolve your resistance to loving yourself enough to honor your body as the temple of your soul. This means taking care of yourself and choosing food that nurtures you, rather than listening to your negative ego, which only seeks instant gratification, regardless of the long-term detrimental effects. Cobalto Calcite is also useful after for healing for someone has been assaulted in any way, or if they have had an operation or intensive dentistry. It’s good for heart conditions, kidney and uterine disorders.

Pink Calcite is a heart crystal with strong forgiveness properties. Use it to release fear and grief that has trapped your love energy from a past incident. It is an excellent remedy to increase self-worth and self-love and has a soft, loving energy that will dissolve your resistance to deep emotional healing. It helps you tap into the vibration of Divine love. It’s a wonderful tool to help you see the silver lining around the clouds of life’s sorrows, and to be a comfort in times of loneliness. Physically, it’s used to heal nervous conditions and alleviate anxiety, grief, trauma and tension. It also helps to prevent nightmares.

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