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Ruby in Zoisite tumbled stone Click photo to enlarge.

Ruby in Zoisite tumbled stone

  • $ 500

This listing is for a QUANTITY of 1 (ONE) Ruby in Zoisite crystal, also known as Anyolite. You will receive a crystal similar to the ones shown in the photos.

• Ruby in Zoisite — The Ruby is visible. — $5.00
• Zoisite — These were supposed to be Ruby in Zoisite, but the Ruby is not visible. — $4.00

Size: Medium — approximately 18-25mm (inches: 3/4" - 1")

The crystals are hand picked just for you at the time of purchase. They are energetically cleansed and blessed with Reiki from a certified crystal healer and Reiki master.

★ Metaphysical Properties of Ruby in Zoisite (Anyolite): All of the properties of Ruby and Zoisite, plus: Ruby often grows in a Zoisite matrix and the combination enhances trance states for channeling and powerfully amplifies both your mental and psychic talents. It helps you to maintain your individuality while connecting to others, as it awakens your Crown Chakra. Ruby Zoisite helps rejuvenate your physical vitality. It heals your heart, inspires passion and provides a balanced approach in relationships. Ruby Zoisite is a powerful stone for transmuting negative energy into positive energy. It relieves lethargy and boosts physical energy, provides mental stamina, and helps you to achieve your goals.

★ Metaphysical Properties of Zoisite: Zoisite considered in mystical lore to be a stone that brings and enhances trust in the universe and trust in the ultimate goodness of life. This brings trust in general as well as releases fears, which can bring a depth of happiness to one's life.Zoisite is also said to bring energy and dispel laziness.Crystal healing lore purports that zoisite is good for vitality, adrenal glands, reproductive organs, and strengthening the heart.  Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Zoisite is associated primarily with the heart chakra, but is also associated with the root and sacral chakras. (source:

The black inclusions in Zoisite is Tschermakite. "Tschermakite is an end-member of the Hornblende subgroup in the calcic-Amphibole group."

Ruby Zoisite is a part of the following crystal tips from

Ruby is a part of the following crystal tips from
Confidence, Courage, Fever, Job Interview, Menopause, Motivation, Passion, Pregnancy, Prosperity, Psychic Protection, Vampire Protection — Anemia (low hemoglobin count), Bleeding, Blood Pressure, Concentration, Dreams, Love Self, Nightmares, Procrastination, Sadness, Visualization

Additional Information:

Sizing of the crystal is based on the longest side of the crystal.

To keep crystal costs low and to save the environment, I do not individually package or label crystals. If you desire to have your crystals individually packaged and labeled, then please make sure to purchase this service. There is a $5.00 packaging fee for this service which covers the extra time and materials. You only need to purchase this service if your order consists of 6 or more crystals that you want to have individually packaged and labeled. — CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Each crystal is unique and one of a kind. There are naturally occurring variations in size, shape, coloring, and patterning to each crystal. Some crystals may be "semi-rough" (not 100% smooth). I try to do my best to represent the crystals, however there may be a slight variation from batch to batch.

Disclaimer: Crystals are meant to be used as a compliment to your current medical treatments. In no way should crystals or energy healing take the place of any ongoing medications or therapies that you are undergoing right now. Reiki and crystal therapy can be used in conjunction with all modes of healing and therapies. The metaphysical properties listed above are not guaranteed and results may vary from person to person.

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