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Natrolite Click photo to enlarge.



  • $ 3900

This listing is for a QUANTITY of 1 (ONE) Natrolite crystal. You will receive the exact crystal of your choosing that is shown in the photos. **THIS IS FOR #2 ONLY.** Click the image to view the full size.  

SIZE: The squares are 2” x 2”. The hearts are 1”.

All crystals have been energetically cleansed with a tuning fork and blessed with Reiki from a certified crystal healer and Reiki master before making its journey home to you.

★ Metaphysical Properties: Natrolite is one of the “Synergy 12” stones. This stone is useful with Re-birthing work. It can help you to get in touch with your spiritual self at the moment your spirit enters your body in the womb. It will help you feel the spiritual awareness and purity of your soul, and help remember your Life Purpose. It is a useful stone for anyone who is a Walk-In or has a Near Death Experience, helping to connect you with the moment your spirit came into your body, and recall the wisdom it brought with it. Natrolite is a good psychotherapy stone: it can help you understand unconscious behaviors as well as unearth your potential. It can help increase your awareness of all your talents and faculties. This stone will help you in any reflective and counseling work. Working with this crystal will foster a sense of connectedness to all of life around you and increase your Clairempathy. Natrolite helps you to overcome fear of water and can enhance swimming skills, stamina and aptitude with aquatic sport. For physical healing, it can be used to treat swelling, water retention, localized anemia, and arteriosclerosis. [Source: ThatCrystalSite] 

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