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Mango Quartz Click photo to enlarge.

Mango Quartz


  • $ 1300

This listing is for a QUANTITY of 1 (ONE) Mango Quartz crystal. You will receive the exact crystal of your choosing that is shown in the photos. Click the image to view the full size.  

SIZE: Each square is 1"x1" (25mmx25mm) for size reference. The hearts are 1”.

All crystals have been energetically cleansed with a tuning fork and blessed with Reiki from a certified crystal healer and Reiki master before making its journey home to you.

★ Metaphysical Properties: Mango Quartz has a very strong Mother Earth resonance and its energies have a high vibrational feel. It is a positive crystal which may help one to rid themselves of negativity and replace it with happy, positive life enhancing thoughts and aspirations. While also making room for you to understand life’s failures or bad times and help you change this into a learning tool to help end the cycle.

Mango Quartz is very much a crystal for nature and wants you to be more courageous, and take the opportunity to go and explore the great outdoors and immerse yourself in nature's energies and wonder. Mango Quartz may help you to become responsible for your own happiness.
A stone of good luck and good fortune, Mango Quartz can be used to promote abundance, creativity, adventure, prosperity and generosity.
It is thought that Mango Quartz is Silicon Dioxide with Halloysite inclusions. Mango Quartz has also been known as Corona Quartz because the points are ‘crowned’ in gold. [Source: ksccrystals]

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